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Using the calculator

The purpose of the isomasters calculator page content is to inform you and it is an extra tool for the customers and users of isomasters cold rooms. The calculator content provides variable data which are therefore subject to amendment without prior notification. The calculator contains extrapolations of various physics tests. The results stated are purely for information purposes and are not binding. The prices stated are catalogue pricing calculated on 01/06/2023. Energy tariffs can be viewed on CREG*.

If you have any queries or comments about any of the information, please feel free to contact your sales representative and our sales department ( Isomasters cannot under any circumstances be held liable for the content of this calculator or the use of the results generated. 

Isomasters or the party from whom we have obtained a licence retain full title to the material offered to you by the calculator. If you would like to reproduce this material, you must first contact our marketing department at to enable us to help you comply with the copyright.

Isomasters may add external links to the calculator. These links are purely for information purposes, and therefore does not mean that isomasters agrees with the content of this/these website(s). Isomasters declines any liability for the content of this/these website(s).